Host a Class

Advanced Extrication makes it easy to bring the latest in vehicle rescue training to your firehouse. Our Host Agency programs allow you to bring us to your training room at no cost

Host Agency Programs

The following is a typical administrative/logistical design used for handling course details. Advanced Extrication is happy to discuss any changes to this design.

Responsibilities of Advanced Extrication

  • Handle all course registrations (finance and enrollment)
  • Provide all course materials for the classroom modules ¬†
  • Coordinating the use of the hydraulic tools for the hands on training
  • All Instructors necessary for a 40 student course
  • Course promotion is a joint effort by the Host Agency and Advanced Extrication
  • Provide late model vehicles as needed

Responsibilities of Host Agency

  • Provide a suitable classroom for up to 40 students
  • All necessary Audio / Video equipment
  • Provide coffee / water for each classroom day
  • Provide water/sports drinks for hands on days
  • Vehicles for hands on training
  • Supply needed wood cribbing
  • Rehab area during hands on (as needed)
  • Course promotion is a joint effort bu the Host Agency & Advanced Extrication¬†

Course Costs and Enrollment Details

  • Host Agency may enroll 5 participants at no cost to the agency
  • Course costs for additional and outside agency participants is determined based on location
  • Instructors is handled by AE staff as needed
  • All class registrations are handled by Advanced Extrication ¬†
  • We are looking forward working with you to create a course that meets your needs

Take Care & Be Safe,

The Advanced Extrication Team

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